Creating A Visual Impact On Customers With Digital Marketing – Here’s How

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when people used to like absorbing super lengthy, detailed content. Now, people prefer shorter passages that are easier to digest and that are visually appealing content, such as short stories, videos and ads. Businesses who are delivering their messages using such visual elements are ruling the market.

Now if you’re reading this post, the odds are, that you are looking for ways to create a lasting impact on your online users. In this post, we have explored three platforms of digital marketing that have the potential to make the most visually-appealing impact on your consumers and increase your sale.

Let’s take a look at what these digital marketing aspects are:


No matter which digital marketing plan you have, it should lead your visitors back to your online portal, be it a B2B or an e-commerce website. Now, when online users land on your website, it should be attract them enough to make them stay on your webpage for at least a few minutes.

In order to make an appealing website, keep the following things in mind –

  1. Images on the homepage – since the homepage visited the most by visitors, it should have meaningful, attractive and relevant images to capture their attention.
  2. Colour – the colours on the website give an impression of the brand so be careful while choosing the palette. Try to add colours that make the overall website look good and give a sense of consistency in all the web pages.
  3. Simplicity – the last thing you’d want is for people to get all confused over how to access and navigate their way across all the pages on your website. Adding graphics and images is good, but it should not make the website look complicated and busy. So make sure your online portal is simple, clean and easy to navigate.

Social media

Isn’t it convenient to watch a video or image instead of reading hundreds of words to understand a particular concept or story? Of course, it is and that’s why people prefer visual content over reading a long post.

This thing can also be seen on social media platforms. That’s why we’ve seen quite the evolution in the past few years in the way marketers sell a brand to their target audience. Initially, people used to write a blog posts to convey their story or message, then this concept of long post was replaced by Facebook posts with just a few words and then by twitter posts of 140 characters and now by images, infographics and videos on Instagram.

So try to add as much visual content to your social media account as you can. But ensure that the content is understandable, relevant and adds value to your webpage.

Given below are some suggestions to include visuals in a social media post –

  1. Add pictures from time to time
  2. Add promotional videos and short stories
  3. Add graphics to statements and quotes


Although social media plays a massive role in online marketing, blog articles still work wonders. It means people seeking information and in-depth understanding will pay attention to the posts they find relevant. A well-written blog that has proper visuals can engage the reader or viewer enough for them to convert into potential customers.

They will then move to the home page, drop a comment, read another blog post and notice the call to action. If you deal in plastic box containers of varying types, your clickbait could be  ‘learn about euro containers or the classic ‘get in touch with us today’.

A smart blog post should have the following visual approaches in it –

  1. Consistent visual theme
  2. Original images or artwork
  3. Relevant videos

Your visual content is the identity of your brand so it should be more than showcasing captivating images. It can contain the story of the business, its goals, the value of your customers etc. And yes, do not forget to add an additional call to action below all your landing pages.