Social Media Marketing – A Change maker Of Startups

Digital Marketing


When the morning alarm buzzes, our half-opened eyes first see the mobile phone and not the newspaper. The era in which we glanced at the newspaper as we woke up has faded away with our grandfather and father’s generation. Our generation reads news on the phone, watches tv shows and movies on smaller screens, sees ads on Facebook and come to know about events through Twitter.

What does this infer?


Mobile phones have shrunk the utility of newspaper, television, and billboards. Even when we move on the road, by any means of transport, when the vehicle pauses for a traffic signal, we don’t lift our heads to see the billboards. Instead, we scroll down our Facebook and Twitter news feed.

This has simplified the process of marketing today. Marketers are making use of the digital medium to tell and sell their products to the world.

But what has made Digital Marketing so trendy?


The domain is experiencing a good flow of revenue, hot jobs and much more. But how?

Start-Up companies don’t stop with websites today. If an organization is building its own brand, it holds websites and social media pages as well. Several companies have ventured out to provide B2C services like ecommerce. This is one such example which goes crazy with scalability, revenue and job opportunities. To clarify your doubts, have a look at Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Snap Deal and other Indian startups that have expanded with a large customer base.

Similarly, for any start-up to shout out to the public about its brand and eventually grow its business like the above-mentioned examples, the organization is in need of a perfect branding strategy. This is where the Digital Marketing Companies come into the big picture.


What do people think that Digital Marketing Companies do?

Taking a look at the past 10 years, several advertising agencies have come under the umbrella of Digital Marketing Companies today. From people’s perspective, they spam your mail box with promotional emails, your social media accounts are annoyed with ads. These ads will eventually follow and stalk you wherever you go on the web. But this isn’t the role of the Digital Marketing Companies.


What do Digital Marketing Companies actually do?

Rachel loves online shopping and e-shopping companies also love her in return. She is, in fact, a happy customer of e-commerce giants. It’s the end of the month and she fills up her wish list waiting for her salary. At this time, to retain this happy customer, one of the e-commerce sellers gives an offer on the wishlist products. Rachel comes to know about the offer through emails and Facebook ads. She purchases the product when her bank account has been banged with bucks. This is what happens in real time and often perceived wrongly. The Facebook ads and the attractive email campaigns are the major call to action taken by the digital marketing wing once a customer views the product on the e-shopping application.


Rachel is not the only customer for this e-commerce seller and she views these emails and ads as an act of ‘Happy Customer Building’ by the seller. ‘Anybody can sell and anybody can buy, But Happy Customers Matter’. Happy customer refers to the seal of trust built by the customer and the seller either ways through marketing. Every customer is shot with such ads and emails. But only a happy customer hits the response button. The successful social media marketing strategy lies in making the customer strike the response button. This is the ideology of any e commerce to build scalability later followed by revenue.


There are several start-ups across the country. Our example is just one to describe the growth and the marketing strategy in a much understandable manner. Every company has its own strategy to address the customers with their products and services. As mentioned above, digital marketing is becoming the backbone of any start-up. Some startups have an in-house digital marketing team and some get marketing done through Digital Marketing Companies. The only difference is the strategy that powers the growth. With the right strategy, the right brand grows; some grow like cancer cells and some like hair follicles on the head, but growth exists. Here the strategy of meeting and impressing the right people on social media is important as the crowd lives there. Also, people get converted to leads and then to customers. Generally, a crowded place is good to sell anything and there is where Social Media Marketing for Startups has evolved and continues to do so.