Nintendo Switch Lite: Review and comparison with Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Lite might sound as a degrade, but actually, it is a smarter and more flexible version of the Nintendo Switch. Yes, a few features were cut out, but that’s the beauty of this Nintendo Switch Lite that we will explain in a moment. It is simplistic and still fun, which makes it more enjoyable, and this helps improve upon the motto of Switch’s “on-the-go” scenario. Along with great accessories adding to its quality such as Nintendo Switch Lite cover, Nintendo Switch Lite skin, Nintendo Switch Lite Bluetooth Adapter, Nintendo Switch Lite Controllers and tons of others for you to choose from!

The Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite was released on September 20 and has already shown itself as a worthy rival of the original Nintendo Switch. With three attractive colors, the new machine removes all the extras to focus solely on a super handheld action, and for a lower price.

It’s exceptionally comfortable, and the more miniature nature allows for ease of packing hence improving on what the Switch aimed for: playing at home or on the go. The Switch Lite is an appealing device, as it’s more portable than the standard Nintendo Switch due to smaller size, permanently attached controllers, and it even boasts a longer battery life. All of this combined with the fact that it costs even less than the Nintendo Switch. However, Nintendo Switch Lite is to be played only in handheld mode. It doesn’t have HD rumble, doesn’t come with a dock, and doesn’t support output to TV, and that’s where it lacks behind the most.

The standard Nintendo Switch

The standard Nintendo Switch is 4 inches tall, 9.4 inches wide, and 0.55 inches deep, whereas the Nintendo Switch Lite is 3.6 inches tall, 8.2 inches wide, and 0.55 inches deep. It might not seem like a significant difference, but when you hold both only then can you really see and feel that Nintendo Switch Lite is quite smaller. The resolution is the same as the standard Nintendo Switch 1280×720 so that with the smaller display results in the visuals ending up looking a little bit sharper. Also, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a D-Pad in place of those four face buttons that you have in your standard Nintendo Switch, and it feels lovely. The D-Pad on the Nintendo Switch Lite is a tiny bit small, but it is better than what we’ve got on the standard Nintendo Switch.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Nintendo Switch Lite looks like a robust device, but the colors are restricting, and I prefer using Nintendo Switch Lite skins or just a Nintendo Switch Lite cover.


Nintendo Switch Lite is suited mostly for those who want to play primarily in handheld mode. It has the edge on many places, such as the standard Nintendo Switch is an attractive and robust console, but it’s just not as sleek or stylish as the Lite. The Nintendo Switch Lite is preferred by gamers on the go, younger children prone to losing or damaging smaller pieces, and people looking for a second console.