3 Ways Technology Has Made It Easier To Live “Off The Grid”


While some people embrace every aspect of technology and implement it into their lives completely, others would much rather use specific pieces of technology to help them live a little less connected to the world around them.

If you have dreams of living “off the grid,” in whatever capacity that might entail for you, this way of life can be much easier obtained by using some key technological advancements that have really blossomed over the past few years. To show you how this can be possible, here are three ways technology has made it easier to live “off the grid.”

Advances In Solar Energy

People all over the world have been taking advantage of solar energy for years. While the initial investment can be steep for some, the idea of harnessing your own energy and using it to fuel your home or business is very enticing, especially for people who dream of no longer relying on others to give them this resource.

According to Charles W. Bryant, a contributor to How Stuff Works, residential homes usually will use PV solar panels on the roof of the structure to collect the sun’s rays and turn them into energy. With this energy, you can then convert it into a useable resource that can fuel your home just as if you were getting electricity from the grid.

Advances in Hydropower

Hydropower is another way you can have energy and fuel coming into your home without having to be hooked up to power provided to you from your local government.

While the water that you use within your home for cooking and cleaning needs to be clean enough for you to consume, you can use almost any running water source for its hydroelectric power. In fact, the editors of Popular Mechanics share that even if you only have a small mountain stream running near you, that’s typically sufficient enough to power a single-family home. As long as there’s a big enough vertical drop in this water source, you can find technologies that can harness this energy for you to use.

Improved Energy Storage With Batteries

Not only do most people want to be able to use some type of energy even when living off the grid, but they also have the need to store some of the energy for future use.

Thanks to improved battery storage, people can now save the energy they’re producing now for use at a later time. Because of this, Cadie Thompson, a contributor to CNBC.com, shares that living off the grid now is not only something that is completely possible for many people, but it also something that’s only going to get easier and easier over time with more technological advancements.

If you’ve been thinking about getting “off the grid”, consider using some of the technology mentioned above to help you accomplish this.