About Daniele Marinelli’s DT Coin cryptocurrency


The DT Coin, despite its “young” age (it was launched in February 2017) is already climbing the special rankings dedicated to the best cryptocurrencies in the world. All credit must be given to Daniele Marinelli, an Italian entrepreneur who knows the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency and has been able to give life to a fascinating and certainly valuable project.

The DT Coin is indeed a cryptocurrency but it is increasingly common opinion to “equate” it almost to a traditional currency thanks to its usability and the possibility of use in the same way as common currencies.

The usability of the DT Coin

Introducing the subject of usability, we have unintentionally already responded to one of the most classic objections to cryptocurrencies: “What am I doing?” The DT Coin exceeds this demand with practice, in fact those who own DT Coin can use them to make purchases online and in physical stores and can also exchange them directly with traditional currencies, such as the euro.In the future of the DT Coin, precisely in line with the development of marketability, there is also the creation of Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Consult with which stores you can make purchases is very simple, the team of Daniele Marinelli in fact recently launched the DT Pay application, an app for Android and iOS through which to manage their own coins and make their purchases.

The stability of the DT Coin price

In addition to expendability, another important added value of the DT Coin is undoubtedly price stability.In fact, in addition to the supply-demand leverage, money is based on the traffic of data generated by its users, thus drawing on the infinite market of Big Data. The statistics prove, a closure of $ 42 billion of capital generated this year is expected.

The DT Coin is essentially the only cryptocurrency able to never lose value because it draws from a market that does not suffer peaks or slumps and that above all is not subject to speculation, another limit of cryptocurrencies. The stability of the DT Coin price is also ensured by the presence of the Forced Market Cap, a powerful algorithm that drives the forced capitalization currency. Reading the many reviews on the DT Coins, the FMC turns out to be definitely the extra gear of the cryptocurrency, guaranteeing a small and constant increase in the price at each sales cycle.

The value of the DT Coin

How can you check the value of the DT Coin? The cryptocurrency is present on Coincapital so it is very simple to be able to verify in real time the value of the DT Coin at any time.

Currently the value of the coin is around € 27 and through the platform it is also possible to consult charts, historical data and chronologies.

Taking a look at this link http://coincapital.live/index.php/coin/DTCO  the constant growth of the value of the cryptocurrency is evident, a sign that we are really facing a guaranteed and revolutionary asset.

Opinions DT Coin

After reading these lines about Daniele Marinelli’s DT Coin, it should be easy enough to get an idea about the potential of the currency that from now until 2020 will experience new development phases guaranteeing ever greater stability and usability.

Currently the DT Coin is traded in its 1.0 version, it is therefore in its initial phase and is centrally managed. Mining works on proof-of-work technology (POW) while on June 30th 2020 the technology will be switched to decentralized and distributed management.

The DT Coin 2.0 news can be summarized as follows:

  • – wallets verified with KYC
  • – decentralized and distributed ecosystem;
  • – decentralized data management;
  • – decentralized blockchain;
  • central issue of coins and subsequently distributed;
  • no one can transfer, confiscate or seize the currency;
  • privacy with transparency (and without anonymity) in the way transactions are made
  • full compliance with the regulations (compliance with the main jurisdictions and development of industrial standards
  • fast transactions under 60 seconds;
  • limited number of coins;
  • smart contract.