How to choose caviar In (Step By Step)


Most of us cannot imagine a New Year’s table without Olivier salad and caviar sandwiches. Red caviar is an expensive product and should be taken seriously. I do not want to buy a fake at all and spoil my festive mood.

General information

Salmon caviar, the common name of the whole family of salmon fishes, has 8 species (sockeye, loach, trout, pink salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon, Atlantic salmon, chinook salmon).

The names of the fish in brackets are in accordance with the size of eggs, that is, the caviar of salmon is the smallest, caviar of chinook is the largest. The most common type of caviar, offering in the implementation and which most of all in nature – is pink salmon caviar, followed by a large margin of caviar, salmon, and trout.

What is the use of caviar?

red caviar (that is, salmon fish roe) is a wonderful natural product containing easily digestible proteins, fats, and valuable minerals, including potassium and phosphorus. There is caviar and vitamins A (retinol), D, group B, PP (folic acid). In addition, the game contains beneficial Omega-3 fats that contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Basic tips on choosing red caviar


Do not chase for “super-profitable” shares. Quality caviar can not be cheap. If you see a big discount or a text like “buy two banks – get a third as a gift,” it is likely that you have a fake. The risk increases if you order a product via the Internet.


Buy caviar only in trusted stores. Needless to say about the absence of any guarantees in a stall at the subway or on the market. Network supermarkets and specialty stores are your friends. This also applies to online shopping. When ordering caviar online, see that the site has enough information about the product (manufacturer, composition, expiration date), and about the seller (full name of the company, telephone, physical address, e-mail).


Carefully consider the packaging: there should not be any visible defects. Transparent packaging is safer – through it the spawn can be considered. A tin jar should not be swollen or sag under the pressure of a finger – these are clear signs that the product inside is spoiled. Another way to check is to shake the jar and listen. If you hear a gurgling sound, it means there is a lot of liquid inside, a lot of bursting eggs, which does not indicate the quality of the product. The marking on the cover must be stamped from the inside.


 Read the label and composition well. The more product information the better. Be sure to specify the type of caviar, more precisely, the type of fish of the salmon family – pink salmon, chum salmon, trout, sockeye, etc. As part of the “right” caviar will be only two ingredients – in fact, caviar and salt. Sometimes the manufacturer adds some vegetable oil. This is done so that the eggs do not stick together. But if you see in the E239 (neurotrophin), it is better to refrain from buying. Although this preservative is not banned in Ukraine, it is not beneficial to health.