How to Produce the ideal Property Inventory


It can be disheartening, frustrating and highly irritating when you move into a property that you want to call home, but it isn’t quite what you signed up for. That is precisely why a property inventory is so important. 

It’s a legal document that provides an accurate account of the actual condition and contents of a property. The idea behind them is to foster a mutual understanding between tenants and landlords, ensuring that everything is as it was laid out.

This is to avoid disputes. It is also important to know which device to use when performing property inventories. Tablet or mobile phone? Inventory related reports can vary because of the size of the property, but with Inventory Hive, users can choose different pricing plans and number of properties they wish to manage.

Nothing is Left Unturned

Both the tenant and landlord have certain contractual obligations to adhere to, and property inventories will also provide information on the security deposit and the first rental payment. Before you can move in you must pay the first months’ rent and the deposit. 

All Complications Ironed out for You

If you’re in the property business, you’ll want to know how to actually produce a property inventory. It is useful to know that Landlord inventories are available online and done the right way too. There is advice on everything that needs to be included to produce professional, easy to read property inventory & check-in statements for welcoming new tenants.

You can’t afford to be making any mistakes through ignorance, and the right property professionals keep up with all the latest events to ensure plans and reports are 100% accurate and in keeping with Home Office, Immigration Act 2016. 

These property inventories protect not just one, but both the tenant and the landlord and is important to have in place before tenancy. 

Producing the idea property inventory will require you making a detailed list of everything in the apartment or home when the tenant moves in, and their condition. 
There may be a lot to include, but essentially, the more detailed the inventory, the better. You don’t want to leave any loopholes.

Before anything is signed the two of you must agree about things. Many tenants and landlords used photographs to ‘prove’ and document the conditions of the property. 

Get your Property Inventory Right from the Word Go
You always have to be careful though because sometimes digital images aren’t accepted by the courts as evidence. The best professionals make use of 360° camera technology which is 100% acceptable for every report. 

Property and getting it right is tricky business but with visual guides at your fingertips, you can have a simple cloud-based property reporting, without compromising on anything that is important or too technical.