The Multiple Use Of High Current Power Inductors


You might be well aware of the key use of High current power inductor i.e. to store electrical energy in the form of magnetic field.

What is an inductor?

An inductor consists of a coil made up of conduction material. When AC current passes through it, it produces a magnetic flux around it.

Where the use of inductors can be spotted?

An inductor can be seen in the following….

  • Tuning circuits
  • Store energy in a device
  • Sensors
  • Induction motors
  • Filters
  • Transformers
  • Chokes
  • Inductors used as relays
  • Ferrite beds

Based on their requirements, inductors have various uses in electrical transmissions.

  • They are used in tuning circuits –

With the help of a high current power inductor, the tuning circuit can choose a desired frequency. They are used in various electric devices like television, radio tuning circuits etc. to modify the frequency and help selecting within multiple channels of frequency.

  • They are used to store energy in a device –

Inductors help to store energy for a short span of time as the energy that is stored as magnetic field will be gone when there is no power supply. This type of use of an inductor can be seen in computers circuits.

  • Inductors are used in induction motors –

With the use of inductors into the vehicles, the speed of motors can be controlled. The speed of the motor can be fixed as per the frequency of power supply from the source.

  • They are used as transformers –

High current power inductors are also used as transformers as the combination of multiple inductors with a shared magnetic field, can be designed into a transformer. They are used in decreasing or increasing the power transmission as step up or step down transformers.

  • Inductors are used as filters –

When combined with capacitors, inductors are used as filters. With the increase in the frequency of supply, the impedance of inductor increases.

  • They are used in chokes –

When AC current flows through inductors, it creates a current flow in opposite direction, which results in the inductor choking the AC current flow and passing the DC current.

  • These are used as relays –

Relay behaves as electrical switch. Inductors used in the switch help produce a magnetic field wherever the switch comes in contact with the flow of AC current.

  • They are used as ferrite beds –

Inductors used in ferrite beds helps in minimizing the frequency of radio interface which the cable creates. Ferrite beds are frequently used in computer parts and in mobile charging cables.

These are just a few of the basic uses of High current power inductors. The actual list of uses just goes on and on.