Things that bloggers won’t tell you about movie sites


The internet is full of sites that offer online streaming of movies and you can click on any website to serve your purpose. Before that here are some tip and tricks on how to stay safe from fraudulent and fake websites:

  1. To keep threats at bay you should stay out of movie websites that are illegal and play pirated videos and movies.
  2. Very often you are expected to sign up to a website before watching the movie. These may be fake sign ups so do not but your card to buy or subscribe to any movie.
  3. There are many illegal movie websites that inject malware into your computer through java scripts and extract your personal data for their own profit. They may sell your personal data and gain from them.
  4. When you stream movies online on illegal movie websites, your internet service provider (ISP) will get to know about it and may send you fine or even sue you for such activities.

For best movie sites

As soon as you hear the word free, instantly you will get to know that most of the popular movies are not available absolutely for free as everything incurs some little expense.

Nevertheless, there are some movie websites that offer free movie streaming and are available at an instant without any restrictions.

For streaming latest movies

You should obviously not support illegal movie websites to watch all the latest movies but yes there are some tips on how you can easily get access to all the brand new movies:

The first step is that you should go to the search option and type the required question. Plenty of results will pop up on your screen. Now look for the “Sort by” option on the website. You will see some more options like “video upload time”. To get all the latest uploads to click on “this week” or “this month”. There you will get all the fresh stock of movies that have been recently uploaded.

Now choose from the first portion. Using this technique you will be able to get all the freshly added movies to the respective websites. This method is very efficient and comes in handy when what you are looking for is not easily available.

Looking for quality

Picture quality is also an essential feature when looking for the best movie websites.

As most of the websites offer for free their videos are usually pirated. Therefore, the use of legal sites also provides with the best picture as well as the sound quality.

Whilst looking for picture quality there is another trick that comes in handy. When you search for a movie there are many movie websites that provide you with snippets and screenshots of a particular movie. By looking in at these screenshots you get to know about the resolution and picture quality. Therefore before wasting your time and data you can have a look at these snippets and save yourself the pains of watching such movies.