Asda Mobile vs Tesco Mobile – Which is the best?


ASDA Mobile and Tesco Mobile both have been selling their mobile phones in the UK since 2000. Both companies are trying to offer mobiles at cheap prices in the market. ASDA Mobile and Tesco Mobile are offering amazing offers, packages and features in their mobile phones. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages at some points, on which you can differentiate between both companies. In this article we will discuss some points on the behalf you can choose which one is best.

1. Prices of Offers

No doubt both companies are offering the cheap price mobiles in the market. The ASDA mobile is offering the limited PAYG and SIM only deals, on the other hand the Tesco is offering the wide range prices of PAYG and SIM only deals. Tesco mobile is offering three PAYG systems Lite, Rocket Packs and Triple Credit. ASDA Company meanwhile is offering all its PAYG and SIM only deals, it also offers the free trial of a few minutes, text messages and small mobile data that you can use before purchase. Unluckily you can’t get this opportunity in the ASDA mobile. So now you can determine which one is best in the mean of prices.

2. Overseas Use

The Data Roaming Charges have been abolished in the EU since June 2017, and still the UK is a member of the EU. If you are traveling outside the EU, you will be charged. Both Tesco and ASDA mobile are offering the roaming to 48 destinations, both companies are offering the same policies and same prices. Both companies are charged on the PAYG and SIM only deals, will depend on where you are travelling.

3. Internet Limits and Speeds

As MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), neither the company can also operate its own network. The ASDA Mobile is using EE and Tesco Mobile is using the O2, and there are big differences between both. The EE mobile is the eldest and first network that is offering 4G services in the UK, and still it is heading to all other networks (Vodafone, O2 and Three Company). The speed of EE is reliable and fastest. On the other hand the O2 network is slower than EE, but it is also a reliable network. Web browsing is faster on EE compared to the O2 network. On EE network you will get the speed of 32 Mbps on 4G services.

4. Network Coverage

As we have mentioned above the Tesco is using the O2 network and ASDA is using the Ee network. The EE Company has covered 99% of the population coverage and the O2 has covered 97% of the population. According to current surveys the EE Company is standing on the top of the list all networks again. The company claims they will increase to more at the end of 2020. The EE Company is providing the reliable signal services, there are very rare chances of you network drop on EE