Better Options for the Best Android Development for You


When you are looking for an android developer for the realization of an app, it is wise to orient yourself well in the market. There are various app builders active and the prices also vary widely. The choice for a good developer is therefore very difficult. In this article we indicate a number of important issues that you should pay attention to when choosing an app developer. These tips were developed in collaboration with app developer Coffee IT.

Draw up a plan

The first step is to prepare a good plan. Make sure you have formulated the goals well. This way you prevent adjustments to the app afterwards, which saves you unnecessary costs. Goals can, for example, be to optimize internal business processes, generate revenue or reach the target group. When you have a good app idea, it is often wise to do research within the target group to see if there is a need for it.

Choose the right type of app

This is perhaps the most important choice in the augmented reality app development process. Three types of apps can be distinguished, namely: native apps, hybrid apps and web apps. It is desirable to carry out proper research into the differences and benefits in advance. Briefly explained is a native app that has been specifically developed for a certain platform (for example Android or iOS). If you want to release an app on both platforms, two apps must actually be developed. You understand that this takes a lot of time and requires a high investment. A hybrid app can be developed directly for both platforms. With this, an app can be delivered quickly. Compared to native and hybrid app development, a web app cannot be released in the app stores. A web app is like a website that can be loaded via the browser of a (mobile) device.

Choose a developer with experience

When choosing the right app developer, it is important to choose a developer who has room experience. You can check this by viewing the portfolio, among other things. Especially view the cases that are similar to your app. This allows you to see if an app developer fits you well. When you have selected a number of suitable app builders it is important to make an appointment.

Here are some tips on how to promote your app:

Play with the price

What is not common for physical goods and also tedious in practice, works very simply for apps: experiments with the price. Every week, shamelessly set a new price for your app and compare sales to determine the best price. Catch it with the highest price and lower it successively

Jump between paid and free: numerous App Store guides have a separate category for “now free apps”. You only get in there if your app was initially charged and then becomes free. These are the matters that you should think about before the use of the app building company. This is the best deal that you can think of now.