Deploy Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting in Germany to Boost Your Business – Onlive Server


There are a number of advantages that come from the use of Germany VPS hosting with the main one being that this kind of server hosting has low maintenance and set-up costs.

VPS or virtual private server hosting is considered as one of the best options for small companies looking to use the services and the features of dedicated hosting but at rates that they can easily afford. Furthermore, if the server space provided by your shared server hosting provider is not sufficient for your business site, you can make a quick switch to Germany VPS hosting. Each virtual private server maintains its very own operating system and each of the operating systems can be independently rebooted.

Why Go for Cheap Cloud VPS Solutions?

The internet these days comes flooded with websites providing hosting solutions. You can easily make use of these sites for uploading your business website on the internet. However, for this to happen, you have the option of taking the services of dedicated servers or renting server space at affordable rates. There are some hosting solution providers that offer personal server hosting that comes for free. However, the features of this kind of hosting are limited. Germany VPS hostingcompanies generally work on two varied platforms and they are cheap Cloud VPS Server Hosting.

Though both these operating systems and their VPS hosting solutions are available within an affordable range, the Linux-based platform is one that is relatively cheaper in comparison to the Windows-based platform. There is good reason behind this slight difference in affordability between the two platforms. Linux is an open source operating system that can easily be downloaded and it is free of cost on the internet. On the other hand, Windows cannot be downloaded independently and there is a fee that needs to be provided by the users of Windows-based VPS solutions. Linux servers also tend to be more unfaltering and stable in comparison to Windows-based servers.

Cheap Cloud VPS for Low Site Uptime

Cheap Cloud VPS Hosting boasts of a number of special features such as bandwidth, server space and random access memory to the users. Furthermore, a Cloud VPS server gives users more security as they have their very own allocated server spaces that remain independent from the use of the other users. The users of Cloud VPS solutions can also remain assured of the fact that there will not be any kind of system abuse by some other user affecting the working of their sites. This primarily means that your business site will not take high upload time which might have an adverse effect on your business. Cloud VPS hosting is quite efficient as it offers as uptime of 99.9%.


Cloud VPS Solutions can effectively be used for different business and official activities. It is only because of the large number of advantages offered by these servers that more and more people are going for the use of cheapest Cloud VPS solutions. It is cheaper and comes with functions like no other hosting solution.