Frequently asked questions about the autonomous robot lawn mowers


If you are planning on purchasing a new auto lawn mower or you have already purchased one, chances are that you have a lot of questions in your mind regarding the performance and maintenance of these bots, which is why you are going to find this article a lot helpful. We are going to answer some most frequently asked questions about these robots and will let you know how to deal with them.

  • What are the autonomous robot lawn mowers?

These are the modern type of lawn mowers that are used for doing all those tasks that the conventional lawn mowers used to do but they do it on their own. All you have to do is to schedule the lawn mowing tasks and the bot will keep on doing it all the time.

  • Where do these lawn mowers get their energy from?

Since these bots are autonomous, they do not require manual shifting and long cables to work, rather they have batteries that help them move and cut and once the battery is below a certain level, the bot will move to its station to get the batteries charged and set back to work on the lawn again.

  • Where does the batteries of the bot mowers get charged from?

These mowers get back to their dock and get charged there from some ac source and get back to work. These mowers Couper l’herbe automatiquement and they need some constant energy supply for doing it, therefore they could visit the charging dock a couple of times or more to finish one job.

  • How can we limit the space of job for the bot mower?

Although, with the help of the programming and algorithms that help a bot mower move around while doing the clipping tasks, we can define the area for the job but since it is a machine it could go haywire and could get out of the range of your lawn. For this purpose, for securing the machine, you have to make use of a perimeter cable that would limit the area of work for the bot and go on with the in it for further working.

  • What is the cutting scheme that these bot mowers follow?

These bot mowers do not follow a single cutting scheme, rather they use random approach for it and they cut grass randomly as well. If the robot mower would follow a single cutting scheme, there would be patterns of the tracks of its wheels that would make the lawn look untidy, so the random motion helps it remove all the excess grass and provide a healthy and tidy lawn.

  • What does the bot do to the cut grass?

The bot works on the mulching principal, that is, it cuts the grass and at the same time chops it finely so that it is sent back to the lawn to provide nutrients to the ground. This way you need not to clear off any excess clipped grass.