How to Find the Top SEO Companies in your Area According to Google


Most start-up businesses and website owners spend time and money building their sites, great. But the website is nothing but a waste of money, time and effort if it does not bring revenue to the company or the owner. According to a respected SEO company in Michigan, websites need to generate a steady income from legitimate traffic or people who are looking for products or services that you are offering. One way to attract a lot of traffic to your website is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

It will give you organic traffic and can bring your website to the top of every search engines for relevant keywords. Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of parts, most of it is very technical. So, companies that want to get serious about performing well on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, they usually hire an SEO expert or agency to do it for them.

The biggest problem website and company owners face, “How to choose the right SEO expert or agency.” Search Engine Optimization is very complex and crowded. It can be difficult and confusing for companies or people to choose the right agency or experts for their website, and not to mention, the trust factor.

Trusting agencies or people working on the Internet is tough. Good SEO agencies or experts can improve the rankings of the website they are working on. They can deliver potential traffic and more customers to your site. Worst SEO practices can drop the website’s ranking, can cause damage to the site and eventually it can also damage the business. Search Engine Optimization evolves every day and at a rapid pace. You have to make sure you only pay for the work that will give a positive impact to your website. A lot of “SEO experts and agencies” use ineffective and outdated SEO strategies. Although technically, it is still SEO, it will not bring any advantage to your website and your business.

One of the most common mistakes most experts and agencies made is to think of Search Engine Optimization as a technical area. Most people believe that computer programmers and tech geeks can only do SEO. Most successful SEO experts don’t have a background on technical aspects of the Internet. Most of them know how marketing works on the Internet. They understand how famous search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing rank websites according to the traffic it gains. High-ranking sites know how to attract clients to their site and how to provide quality services to their customers.

According to, today’s SEO needs to know everything about marketing strategies at the deepest level, the psychology of its consumers, the culture of their target market, the landscape of social media, web design, web analytics, web development, website contents, viral marketing, business model and the product that can attract more customers to the website.

According to Google, SEO experts and agencies should use this four-step evaluation process to have a successful SEO campaign.

Conduct a two-way interview

When you are looking for vendors for your website or your company, you are using one-way conversations. The vendor will pitch something to you while you decide. Search Engine Optimization is very complex and multifaceted. It will touch all the major aspects of every company’s marketing communications, and it needs to be more involved in the process. SEO needs to show interest in your business, making it as successful as possible by asking marketing questions that will be a big part in their recommendations.

These include questions like:

  • What is your selling point?
  • How can you bring more value to your target market? Who is your target market and they can find you?
  • What are your goals for your website?
  • Does your website do online sell, phone call appointments or walk-in sales?
  • Do you know your competitors?
  • What is the difference between what you offer and what they can offer?

(Click here to know the art of the two-way interview.)

Check references

Once the Search Engine Optimization experts or agency passed the first test by focusing on your website’s overall success and asking the right questions, make sure that their track record is excellent when it comes to SEO. Ask them about their previous clients so that they can ask for recommendations. Talk to their former clients about their experiences working with the SEO agency or expert.

You can ask questions like:

  • Where do the main keywords of the website rank before and after they implemented SEO?
  • Are they easy to work with?
  • Do they their work passed quality wise?
  • Are they offering actionable and helpful advice to their clients?
  • Did they give you and your team knowledge about how search engines work, how contents and backlinks can boost your website?

Ask for search and technical audit for your website

At this point, you already eliminated all the SEO experts and agencies that don’t exhibit interest as well as a curiosity in your site and your business. The companies left in your list could be the top agencies or agents in the SEO world. It is time to screen the remaining candidates and their capabilities by asking them about the search and technical audits of your websites.

This step will cost you money and requires a lot of trust because you will let these agencies look inside your business. Make sure that you will give them limited access, not full access to your Google Search Console or analytic data. Big companies use at least two possible prospects to do the audit, so they can look and compare the results. Small to medium businesses saves money by only using the top prospect among the list to do the review.

May the best Search Engine Optimization agency win

After doing all the steps. The winner should be clear by now. The agency that you choose should be confident about what they do, know what to do and what needs to be done, and can do what is necessary to achieve your goal for your website, in a specific amount of time, and at a fair price. Once you hire the SEO expert or an agency, it is time to put everything you planned into action.