MilesWeb offers managed VPS hosting powered by DigitalOcean


Hosting your website plays a very important role in building your brand’s online presence because a web hosting can make or break your website. If you choose a web hosting provider which is reliable and guarantees uptime your website will surely perform as expected.

For those who are looking to expand their website hosting plan from shared hosting to a more powerful hosting plan, VPS hosting is an ideal choice.

Linux VPS hosting has become a booming hosting solution over the past few years and its requirement has increased in the course of time. In this article, we will have an overview of a web hosting provider that provides excellent VPS features with great prices- “MilesWeb”. All their VPS plans are powered by the digital ocean and are completely managed. Moreover, if you already have VPS server from the digital ocean and need someone to manage, then MilesWeb also provides managed digital ocean services, especially for such users.

We will take a complete overview of MilesWeb VPS plans and features. Before that, let us first understand what exactly is VPS hosting?

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a server in which a physical server is virtually divided into several virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers has its own set of resources- memory, disk storage, CPU, etc. Although these virtual servers reside on the same physical server, they are segregated from each other. It works just like any regular dedicated server that has full root SSH access.

For those who have outgrown their shared hosting resources and looking for dedicated resources but tight on a budget can go for a VPS server. As VPS server gives full control over your server, your resources aren’t shared with anybody and serve better performance similar to a dedicated server but at a reduced price.

MilesWeb VPS Specific Features

Data center choice

Choosing your data center location for hosting your website is definitely important. Identify the location where your website is mainly visited from and choose your location accordingly. The closer the data center location is to your target audience, the more better it is.

MilesWeb VPS hosting lets you choose your preferred data center location from Bangalore, San Francisco, Singapore, New York, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Amsterdam.

SSH root access

Your website may require modifying system configurations or upload files that will need root access of your server via SSH- a protocol that gives command line access to your hosting account. You can remotely access your server and run your desired commands. Thus, you get complete access to your VPS account with MilesWeb.

Monitoring Dashboard

To monitor your server resources, its CPU usage, disk storage status, memory used, etc. MilesWeb gives you a provision to keep an eye on all of this with the help of a single dashboard. This dashboard is easy to use and helps you quickly identify the problem and resolve the issues that you think might affect the performance of your server.

SSD Storage

An SSD is the latest storage technology and is much better and faster than traditional HDDs. The flash technology is used to store memory on SSD disks which improves data transfer speed drastically. MilesWeb utilizes these SSD disks to deliver blazing fast webpage loading speed and improve server performance.

Managed VPS

MilesWeb manages your VPS server in order to cut down your server administration tasks. All the server related tasks are carried out by them such as deploying your server, installing updates, patches, etc. This helps in saving a lot of time of yours so that you can focus on your business growth.

Robust Infrastructure

Their VPS hosting infrastructure combines of association with popular players like Supermicro Cisco, HP and Dell. You can completely rely on their advanced servers for excellent uptime.

Easy Upgrade

You can always start with a basic plan first and later upgrade as your requirement increases. Once you find out that you need more CPU, RAM or SSD storage, you can always upgrade to their superior plans depending upon your requirements. This upgrade is hassle-free and can be done just in few minutes.

Round the clock support

If you need any technical assistance you can contact MilesWeb team of experts at any hour of the day. Their team is well qualified and hold expertise in networking and server knowledge. You can reach them via:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Chat

MilesWeb VPS Plans

MilesWeb offers numerous VPS hosting plans to meet hosting needs of every single website. Their basic plan starts at Rs.860 per month. Which has 1 GB memory, 1 virtual CPU, 1TB Bandwidth, 25 GB storage? If you are looking for more storage or more number of virtual CPUs you can choose from their other 13 VPS plans that meet your website needs.

Wrapping up

MilesWeb is the topmost VPS hosting provider that serves hassle-free managed VPS hosting. They offer VPS plans at affordable prices that are worth the features like SSD storage, resource monitoring dashboard, SSH and root access, etc. Their VPS server utilizes DigitalOcean cloud and thus making it more reliable than other VPS provider. Additionally, their services are managed this makes them the ideal choice for VPS hosting.