Reasons to Use Customized Lanyards in Hospitals


A customized lanyard is a utility tool that not just benefits business, but also major organizations like health-care facilities, and hospitals. Correct use of lanyards can help in protecting vulnerable patients and makes it easy to recognize staff to provide convenient stay to patients.

Let us see more about the benefits of the use of lanyards in the business.

Safety breakaway lanyards

Safety break lanyard prevents the lanyard from getting pulled or breaks apart. It helps in avoiding an accident. Lanyards are ideal for your emergency staff members who would need to quickly take out their lanyards in emergency conditions.

Custom Earth Promos is a popular eco-friendly firm based in the USA that provides customizable lanyards. This company specializes in producing reusable customized bags, from recycled materials.

Employee identification

“Nurse” pre-printed, and “NHS” lanyards help you create various types of lanyards to easily distinguish your staff. This is beneficial for those patients who can’t differentiate between the differences in uniforms that hospital staff wears.

A customized lanyard is a great way to protect vulnerable patients. With the staff members, and the public can easily figure out who should be present at which ward. Generic lanyards with staff’s ID cards double the security for the vulnerable patients.

With custom lanyards, you can ensure the right staff members to get the right lanyards. All it needs is to attach lanyards for new staff, or members.

Wide range of customization

Lanyards can be customized in a variety of ways with different slots, color codes, and lamination that makes them durable. You can use it for a temporary purpose and can save it for future use.

Vinyl based lanyards are ideal for those who work in labs, clinics, and sterilized settings. This type of lanyards is quite easy to clean and lasts for a good period of time.   

Other benefits of using custom lanyards

In addition to the above benefits, lanyards can also be used for displaying clubs, and gifts in which a person participates. Not just for holding pens, keys, and other items, lanyards are also a valuable tool to advertise the health-care facility.  

Tells patients about their allotted staff

Often in the hospital, all staff members are dressed in the same uniform that makes a patient difficult to identify the one who is assigned to take care of them. They have difficulties in finding out who should they approach in case of assistance. In this scenario, customized lanyards prove to be very useful.

These lanyards have all necessary details about the employees written on them. When the patient looks at these lanyards, it tells them which category does the staff belongs to.  This is a beneficial concept for both inpatient, and outpatient to recognize their caregivers in accessing the relevant authority quickly and conveniently.


Customized lanyards are beneficial in hospital. They are easier to order, and design. Their use makes it easier for the identification of the staff members and helps in ensuring a convenient and safe stay of patients in the hospital.