Reasons Why You Need PLC and RSLogix 500 Education in 2018


Even though PLC is something that entered the industry in the previous century, it is still the most popular choice for automation control. In some time ago, PLC was the only option that would allow you to control automatic industrial applications.

On the other hand, nowadays engineers have a wide array of choices in the form of panel PCs, soft PLCs, and industrial PCs. However, the functionality of PLC in combination with HMI is the best that you can find.

To start learning about PLC, you should understand various languages. The most common one is rslogix 500 download it to learn more about it. We still have numerous control options, but most businesses still rely on it, and we will explain to you why:

You Can Rest Assured

Both PCs and PLCs have significantly improved when we compare them with their beginnings. A few decades back there was a big difference, but since the distinct control also continued to involve, by using it you will be able to achieve long-term support.

The evolution of programmable logic controller meant that businesses and vendors could use it for long periods without any additional problem. It is important to mention that longevity will be exceptional when it comes to both software and hardware.

For instance, industries used the one, which was twenty years old, and when they decided to purchase a brand new, they imported everything straight away. You can easily install the latest controller and add all applications that you used on the old one almost instantly. This will not happen if you choose PC as the control computer.

Numerous industries require the level of support, and they are not working per specific and industry requirements. In the water industry, suppliers must assure that the control system could work at least twenty years. Even though the hardware will change, users will be able to rest assured and know that they can always implement the software to the new controller.

Reliable and Powerful

Industrial PCs will provide you with a stable platform, and it is a much more reliable solution when compared with desktop and general population PCs. However, even though it has enough power, it is still nothing when we compare it with PLCs.

You should check here to see the history of Industrial PCs.

Industrial PCs feature real-time operating systems as well as Windows, and they will provide you with the same amount of power that you will get from PLC’s processor. If you operate with it in isolation, have in mind that it will not be so reliable.

Since you will have to connect input/output as well as other ports so that you can talk with other machines, you will also need specific drivers so that you can install this software into your PC. However, installing drivers means that each time you change something you have to reinstall existing software and install the new one.

It is a hassle and time consuming, and since other problems can happen as well, you will have to update drivers constantly. Since the industrial PC will tend to crash, and that is inevitable, it means that your business and control process will suffer.

On the other hand, you have never heard someone who said that he needed to reboot PLC because the software will never crash and you will be able to connect it without any additional problem.


Nowadays, every engineer that decides to come out of university will be fluent in programming languages such as C and C++. But when it comes to ladder logic, this particular type of programming language is the simplest and best for your specific needs.

You can find applications that will start small, but when you write in the ladder, you will be able to see how it evolves, which is a great way because you will take advantage of the scalability of the platform. You will benefit from the ability to write the program in drag and drop software that uses blocks which is a much more convenient solution that textual programs.

Apart from ladder logic, you can also program in textual programming languages with a flexible platform that will provide you with high-level programming capability. Of course, you will be able to use this particular option on industrial PCs, but the levels of scalability and modularity are more significant by using PLC software and hardware tools.

To see the definition of ladder logic and how it functions, you should visit this link:


When it comes to performance and power, a similar capability applies to both PCs and PLCs, but many people do not know that the programmable logic controller is the most powerful computer for these particular needs. For example, when we compare the latest one with the first, it is 150x faster.

You will notice its performance when you check the speed of execution of instructions. Latest designs will offer you a nanosecond performance, which is important to the automotive industry. You can easily boost your PC to reach the similar performance, but it requires hassle, and PLC will work that way out of the box.

Integration Of Automation Equipment

If you are automation engineers, you will need to move outside the simple vendor, so that you can address every single requirement from drives, HMIs, motion controls, servos, robotics and safety to power management, low voltage power distribution products, and CNC systems.

Since all the components that we have mentioned above have designed to work together, you will most benefit from plug and work without installing additional drivers for each step.

You can also find industrial PC that will offer you the possibility to use a wide array of products, but not as many as standard PLC. The main challenge lies when you have to look outside a brand and apply third-party components.

When you decide to choose a modern PLC, integration of third-party hardware is as simple as possible, but we cannot say the same thing for the industrial PC.

You will have to add drivers, and it is still a question of whether they will work. At the same time, you will not have the assurance of compatibility and operational lifespan, which will take more money out of your pockets than before.