Virtual World Games you Should Play in 2021


Virtual world games are the best. By its definition, these are games in which you have an environment simulated by a computer. You have an entire world or a city in which you can move, interact with others, and more. There are countless options here. People have been playing these games when they want to escape the real world, to meet new, online friends and so much more. Here are the best virtual world games available online.

Club Cooee

Club Cooee is precisely as the name suggests. This game has more strategy elements than any other from the list and you can expect to see it pop up on strategy game sites like . As a user, you can create your own avatar and chat with other people. But, here you can also create your own club, act as DJ, create new chat rooms and so much more.

A huge part of the game has music. As a user, you can play music in your own chatroom or club and you can set up background music as well.  Customization is decent. Not extreme like in the first two games, but this development is developed to be different. Avatars are smaller and look like clay animated.

Club Cooee started as an instant messaging platform that has been upgraded and developed to a sophisticated 3D virtual world. One, an interesting advantage is that users can have pets and even Siberian tigers are available.

Second Life

Second Life is the biggest, the most advanced, and the most appealing virtual world game on the web. It is a stunning creation that offers almost countless possibilities. In 15 years, over 57 million people have created an account here. Of course, not all people play the game, but many do.

The game consists of the virtual world where you can see islands, cities, locations and so much more. You can teleport to any destination, chat dance, play, ride, dive and so much more. You can fly as well. The main reason why this game is so popular is the customization besides possibilities. As a user, you can customize your avatar as much as you like, design and buy clothes, get married and so much more. In simple terms, there are no limits. In this game, you can actually earn money (Linden Dollars) and spend them or transfer them into the real world.

Instant Messaging Virtual Universe (IMVU)

This game is different. First of all, it started as a messaging site where you could create an avatar and chat with other people. After countless upgrades and new possibilities, players now can interact with completely new limits. You will have your own apartment, you will be able to visit clubs and dance, among other things.

There are no as many possibilities as in Second Life, but there are plenty. Customization is very advanced and each user can pick clothes, gadgets, accessories and so much more. Graphics and animations are some of the best in the world and very sophisticated.

The game is better known as IMVU and many users don’t know the true meaning of this acronym. In reality, it is the most sophisticated instant messaging platform and a very advanced virtual world game.


Kaneva is an advanced virtual world. Here you can chat and dance as in any other game of this type, but you can do so much more. Yes, you can create your avatar and customize it perfectly. You can buy a house (you get an apartment when you register) and you can watch TV, host parties and so much more. Users are friendly and they will always try to help you. Keep in mind that you can even build your own homes and manage it or sell it.

One advantage here is that as a player you can create your own gaming worlds where specific requirements are present. For instance, you may have enemies that must be eliminated, gamers must locate an item and so much more. The central part of the game is a city with a roman theater element. Here users can chat, meet new people, and more.


Habbo is a small and basic virtual world with one main goal. As a player, you will get your hotel room which can be designed as you like. In fact, you can even create a stadium inside the room and manage it. There are countless possibilities although most of them are related to hotels and corresponding rooms.

Graphics isn’t the main advantage here. This is an old-school game which surprisingly has huge popularity. The game involves various celebrities, companies and so much more that are present in the real world.


Virtual world games are not the most popular genre. However, they are played the longest. While a player can play racing games for days or weeks, he will likely play this game for years and even decades. They give you a world you can explore and customize precisely as you like.