Why you should choose cloud VPS Hosting?


Choosing among so many hosting packages is quite a difficult process. You need to look out for the factors that depict your business needs.

The Cloud VPS Hosting includes the dynamic hosting servers that would be provisioned within a few minutes. We, at GPD Host, provides very scalable pricing for the VPS Hosting. With the Cloud VPS, you can grow your business and scale up at many points.

The features you can expect from GPD Host’s Cloud VPS:

  • VPS with cPanel:

We provide full-fledged managed VPS with cPanel which indulges pre-configured build and you do not need to spend much time on the setup. You get it with the control panel along with a limit on the shared server resources.

  • VPS Premium Managed Services:

Our customers will get the managed server administration which further includes scalable hosting, OS, application updates, steady performance, secured monitoring as well as automated backups.

  • Quick Provisioning:

With our quick provisioning methods, you can upgrade the VPS plans as well as scale up and manage the instances of VPS within few minutes. Our customers can acquire the unlimited scalability as well as reliability.

  • Web Root Access:

We provide full access to the server i.e. to the root access. You get a control on installing PHP, modules as well as server level proxy.

  • Serious Processing Speed:

We provide the secure as well as reliable performance with the serious processing speed that includes data workloads, real-time analytics as well as in-memory computing.

  • Provision-free upgrades:

You can upgrade the VPS Hosting Plans without any provisioning which would scale RAM, CPU as well as disk space.

  • Security:

We provide malware removal software as well as web application firewall pre-installed in our VPS Cloud Hosting plan.

  • Restore and Rescue:

You get all the site backups and restore processes within the plans of VPS Cloud Hosting.

  • SQL Database:

We avail most popular embedded database such as MySQL as well as PostgreSQL.

GDP Host provides three plans of SSD VPS Hosting including hierarchical benefits in every plan.

  1. VPS Cloud 1: In the first plan of VPS Cloud, you will get OpenStack KVM, 1vCore(s) with 3.1GHz and RAM2 GB. It provides 10 GB SSD as well as Local RAID 10.  It will cost you around 16.49$ per month for a yearly subscription. You have the choice to select the duration of your plan.

  2. VPS Cloud 2: In our second plan of VPS Cloud, you will get OpenStack KVM, 2vCore(s) with 3.1GHz and RAM4 GB. It provides SSL 99.99%. It will cost you around 24.49$ per month for a yearly subscription. You can select the duration of your plan accordingly.

  3. VPS Cloud 3: In the third plan of VPS Cloud, you will get OpenStack KVM, 4vCore(s) with 3.1GHz and RAM8 GB. It provides SSL 99.9%.  It will cost you around 51.99$ per month for a yearly subscription. You can make your own choice to select the duration of your plan.

We, at GPD Host, provide the finest customer support 24/7. You can blindly rely on our trained professionals. You can choose any of our support options such as telephone support, FAQ’s, forums or knowledge base video.

Get the best plan for your business.