Wikigains Does An In-depth Analysis of Mobile Vouchers


Whether you own a small or big business, mobile phones form an important tool for promotional campaigns targeted to consumers. Wikigains, a well-known UK voucher site says modern advertisers are relying on smart campaigns that include mobile coupons, attract more traffic and increase sales. As customers always carry their mobile phones with them, whether they are shopping in-store or online, the rate mobile coupon redemption is higher than print coupon redemption.

Different Approaches For Issuing Mobile Coupons

The mobile coupons take different approaches and each comes with its own set of strengths and limitations. They may be typically available in the form of a simple text message that alerts the user abut a promotion or discount.

They may be in the form of uniquely coded discount that needs to be validated at the point of sale. Sometimes they may be in the form of an alert containing a link to the advertiser’s discount offer. Mobile coupons may also be associated to the merchant’s loyalty program.

Text Based Alerts

Customers who opt for the mobile-based text alerts can get discount offers like ‘10% Off men’s clothes at Macy’s for this weekend”. These offers are not exclusive and they are available to all customers who are interested in receiving alerts.

One of the biggest advantages of text-based alerts is that these offers reach to mass-market as almost everyone owns a mobile phone in this age. The customers may choose to get alerts daily, weekly, or monthly.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) Couponing

Alerts for the latest coupon codes and deals can be sent to the customers via MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service that contains multimedia objects like video, audio, images, and rich text. These messages are much more graphical than the plain text messages.

The MMS messages containing voucher codes may contain UPC bar codes that can be scanned at the point-of-sale. They may also be clickable to enable you to redeem the discount code as you complete your purchase online.

Validating Mobile Promotions At Point Of Sale

The customers who opt to receive mobile based promotions receive these types of deals or coupons. To redeem these vouchers, the customers simply need to show them at the point of sale to validate their discount containing message.

At times, these messages may contain a code that can be entered in order to verify the offer. says, the only downside of text based coupon is that there are limited characters to explain your offer. While a text message may contain a code, they cannot contain images.

Voucher Code Linked To Loyalty Programs

While paper coupons continue to find its place in grocery stores, mobile coupons are fast carving a niche in the market. Retails are fast adapting digital marketing strategies and promotions to target the young crowd.

One such method to integrate mobile promotion is through the loyalty card program available at the grocer’s. The consumers can register for the program to receive discount codes and promotional offers on their mobile phone.

Mobile Coupon Sites

Another sure shot way to find valid mobile voucher is to check out the mobile versions of coupon sites such as Just enter the name of the merchant on the search tab and the site will list all the existing coupons and deals available. Don’t forget to try the expired coupons because sometimes the merchant may decide to extend the expiry date of the codes.